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Author: Md. Mizrab Alam
Published on: 13/Aug/2022


Who are we?


01 Limited thriving to become the best brokerage house in town. We have been actively serving our service since 2018. Our mission is to become the best digital brokerage house in Bangladesh. 

01 Limited is offering a Digital Brokerage service in Bangladesh. Mobile app or website both platform is available for buying and selling shares.


Why 01 Limited?


We have the best mind working with us making 01 Limited the best brokerage house in Bangladesh. Web-based applications and Mobile apps both are active for trading. Our loyal clients are actively using these two platforms to buy and sell shares. 24/7 customer service is available online.


Our Brokerage Services


Clients can open their BO(Beneficiary Owners) Account through our website or Mobile app. All types of brokerage house services are available in our digital brokerage house. Clients can Buy and Sell shares/stock from the primary and secondary markets. Every account holder gets a portfolio management feature from their dashboard.


01 Limited has an IPO Application System integrated. Clients can receive money from IPOs. Our brokerage house also has an IPO application submitting process and result publishing.


Our brokerage house has some special facilities:

  1. Mobile Trading Application (Android & iOS)

  2. Electronic Fund Transfer

  3. Instant IPO Application

  4. SMS alert

  5. 24/7 Online Support Team

  6. Portfolio Manager

Also, our brokerage house provides digital booth service for:

  1. BO Opening

  2. Online Trading

  3. Instant IPO Application

  4. Closing BO Account

  5. Balance verification


How to Open a BO(Beneficiary Owners) Accounting in our brokerage house?


These steps need to follow accordingly:

Step 1


  1. Goto Get New 01 ID 

  2. Fill up the information according to your NID

  3. Use a referral ID (if any) or use our special referral ID 1234

  4. Confirm the information and click Create my ID


A representative from our brokerage house will Contact you for Verifying your BO account information.


Step 2


To open a BO Account you must have to submit as instructed documents through your 01 ID.


You have to submit First Applicants Information:

  1. Your Name(as NID/Passport)

  2. Occupation, Father’s and mother’s name

  3. NID/Passport Number

  4. Contact number

You have to attach Img, signature, Utility bill, and NID/Passport softcopy in the BO form.

Step 3


Brokerage House requires information about your Bank Account. Submit the document as follows:

  1. Your active any Bank Account Number

  2. Branch Name

  3. Checkbook first page image


A representative will call you from our brokerage house to verify your Bank Information.


Step 4


Finally, you have to submit information about your Nominee. Fill out the nominee information as NID/Passport:

  1. Name, Home Address (As NID/Passport)

  2. Contact Number

  3. NID/Passport

Nominee Img, signature, and NID/Passport softcopy must be attached to the BO form.

After the BO Fee payment and the related document is submitted you will get a confirmation of your BO opening from our brokerage house.


Brokerage house charges 0.40% on Trade (Buy-Sell) Amount

Minimum Amount Tk 5 (Applicable if Brokerage is below Tk 5 on Trade Amount)

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