7 Reasons why a Digital Brokerage House is Needed.

Author: Md.Mizrab Alam
Published on: 22/Aug/2022


Bangladesh is moving forward with technology as every industry in our country is evolving. The same goes for the share market industry and Brokerage houses. People no longer have time for dealing with a single task. People are more prone to becoming multi-taskers and relying on technology and innovation. Making the stock market available to the new generation should be the new target of brokerage houses. This is the right time for brokerage houses to act on introducing the share market with digital technology. Here are 7 interesting facts people should know about needing a digital brokerage house.

  • Fast Buy or Sell

The time for paper works and doing things manually is gone for good for many industries. Most of the banks in Bangladesh are operating on an e-banking system which really helped a lot of people to transfer money within minutes. The same goes for Buying and Selling stocks in a brokerage house. There is no need to go to the brokerage house to buy some shares to make a healthy investment. It can be done within a few clicks. Invest an amount into your BO account and buy shares of different companies according to your research. All can be done within a few minutes if you are sure of what shares to buy or sell.

  • Remote access from anywhere

Think of it as an opportunity to maximize your wealth. Let’s imagine you are in a moving car or on tour with your friends and family, it will only take up to 5 minutes of your time to Buy or Sell stocks from a brokerage house. So choosing the right brokerage house for your time saving is a must. As long as you are connected to the internet through wifi or mobile data, you can open up the app, look into the market, and then buy or sell your stocks within a minute. For a better example: 01 Limited’s mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. We have an online brokerage house mobile app with some interesting features integrated for our users.

  • Saving hidden costs

A digital brokerage house can save up multiple hidden costs which can be a really great source of investment for our users. Traveling cost comes first on the list. Second, we can reduce paper usage for the company to reduce operational costs. 01 Limited offers client-oriented service as a brokerage house. The objective is to save unnecessary costs for our valuable customers and also for the company. Automation is a great process that can save up to 20% of the operational cost and use that money to develop a more efficient way for the users to take interest in the share market.

  • Making opportunities for Women

Bangladesh has the lowest number of women investors in the share market. Digital Brokerage houses are a great opportunity for making share investment easy and available for working mothers. Think of the possibilities when women are investing and taking interest in the share market as well as the men in Bangladesh. A recent study found that only 12% of women in Bangladesh are participating in the share market.

  • Smart and Innovative

The digital brokerage house is the future of the share market. As technology is upgrading at a fast rate brokerage house has great competitors to deal with. The more smart and innovative the business strategy is it is likely to survive in a long run. Portfolio management, live stream of share market data, online investment, withdrawals, and IPO applications all this is possible because of innovative business strategy. An industry's main focus should be on the trends of the new generation and smart business policy. Most of the new generation of investors are now relying on digital platforms. 01 Limited is keeping its rack on track to be the best digital brokerage house in the upcoming era. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

Making it easy for the clients and customers to invest in the Share market. Offering remote service to the customers so that they can easily invest through our brokerage house. Creating an environment for the customer to participate in the share market from anywhere in Bangladesh. They don’t need to come to the brokerage house. Also, there is no need to call to invest. They can easily transfer their investment money from the bank account or mobile banking system. Everything you need to invest in the stock market is packed in your mobile app.

This is creating customer satisfaction, customer don’t even need to get up from their bed. All of this is possible with a digital brokerage house. So there is no doubt why wouldn’t the customer be satisfied.

  • Makes decision-making easy

Large-scale data management and storage are becoming increasingly possible thanks to technology. Technology can be used to speed up decision-making using data in a digital brokerage house. Data analysis used to require a lot of time before technology became widely used. Now that data analytics is simpler and quicker, firms can make decisions more quickly. Not only investors are getting benefited from the digital brokerage house technology but also managerial decisions are being affected by it. The quick decision-making process needs a lot of data visualization from mass data. 01 Limited is providing live share market buy-sell data to the users so that they are able to make quick decisions.


There is no denying the importance of a digital brokerage house. To keep up with the surroundings and technology upgradation in a brokerage house is a must. Digitalization in business strategy will give a competitive advantage. It's only a matter of time before we get adapted to the world's technological structure otherwise Bangladesh will have an enormous economic crisis. Technology has had such a significant impact because of novel and unconventional ideas. Someone once had the idea to fly through the air, and it later became a reality. Only with the use of technology and invention was it possible to fly. Technology is being used for research and development, which enhances our capacity to test and put new ideas into practice like digital brokerage houses.

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