Valid Till : 30 Jun, 2022  
Purpose : To motivate the women towards the capital/stock market and encourage to invest for themselves as well as for the country.  
Terms & Conditions :
1) This Offer is Applicable for 3 Category of women a) Housewife b) Entrepreneur and c) Service Holder
2) She needs to Create 01 ID and Open BO Account in her Own Name to get this Free Investment Offer.
3) The Offer is limited to a specific No. of women Monthly on first-come, first-serve basis.
4) Interested applicants are requested to go through the following verification process-
a) Housewife is required to provide her husband's name,
b) Entrepreneurs are required to submit a copy of their trade license or any valid/authorized document (s) of their business or enterprise and
c) Service holders are required to submit a copy of their Service/ Job ID card.
5) The Company will have the right to verify the document(s) submitted from the concerned departments or authorized persons.
6) Free Investment of Tk 1,500 can't be Withdrawn but Profit out of this Fund is allowed to Withdraw.
7) BO Holder may Investment her Own Funds in the same BO Account.
8) The Company (01 Limited) will bear the Loss out of this Free Investment of Tk 1,500.
9) Women need to Apply separately for the Free Investment by fill-up the Form Online (through 01 Web) by clicking 'Apply for Free Investment'.
10) You can't assign/engage any proxy user or trader by any means even through the power attorney.
11) The Company has the Right to Cancel / Change the Offer without any Prior Notice, due to any Regulatory Issues or any other unavoidable circumstances.