Valid Till : 30 Dec, 2023  
Purpose : 01 Affiliate Marketing  
Terms & Conditions :

Terms and Conditions


01 Limited is offering “Affiliate Marketers” to earn by giving an affiliation program. Please read through the terms and conditions for affiliate marketing. Affiliates must maintain company protocol given and guided by the management of the affiliate program.



  • Every respected BO Account holder in 01 LIMITED is eligible to Join as an “Affiliate Marketer”. 

  • An affiliate marketer must have an active BO Account. For BO Account Opening as per govt. law this listed document is most needed:

  1. NID/Passport

  2. Passport size photo

  3. Image of signature

  4. 1st-page photo of checkbook

  5. Nominee NID/Passport

  6. Nominee passport size photo

  7. Image of nominee's signature

A soft copy of all these mentioned documents needs to be submitted.

  • Must have an active running traffic source for their referral link to get clients. (Facebook page/profile, LinkedIn Page/Profile, Website, YouTube Channel, etc.)

  • Basic knowledge of Affiliate Marketing.


  • By opening a BO (Beneficiary Owner) Account through affiliates referral, affiliates will get an incentive (one time for every account opening).

  • Affiliates will get up to 10% of the Net Profit of His/Her referred BO Account per trading continuous basis(if the affiliate keeps his/her account active)


  • Affiliates can get their payment by their bank account or bkash mobile banking after getting confirmation of their referral BO Account opening.

  • Payment will be given on a monthly basis.

  • If an affiliate’s account is inactive, he/she will not get any trading commission from their previously referred BOs.

Termination of Affiliation


  • Please be noted: If any affiliate offers illegal monetary or any other unlawful offers to bring clients, their affiliation will be immediately terminated and lawful actions will be taken against the affiliate by 01 LIMITED.

  • Affiliates will get a commission if they continue to get a minimum of 5 clients per month.

  • Affiliate Accounts can not be inactive for more than 30 days. Inactive accounts will be terminated from the affiliate program.

  • Regular communication and participation in online training or meeting arranged by the company are mandatory.

  • Failing to participate in online training or meeting without giving advance notice to the company will be considered an inactive affiliate.


  • 01 LIMITED holds the right to change any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


By agreeing to the terms and conditions above you will be enrolled in the affiliate marketer program of 01 LIMITED.